Today I added some new improvements to the Covid-19 Dashboard. Now you can see:

  • Worlwide situation today, with the data of the John Hopkins Institute.
  • Situation in your country: you can choose your country from the list and compre data against average.
  • Country daily follow up: Your counry day by day. For example, yesterday (20th March) in Spain «only» 2,4K new cases vs 4K the previous day.
  • Worldwide daily evolution: scatter chart with time dinamic axis with the behaviour of two variables: death ratio and activity ratio. Size of the bubble is number of total cases.

Here you have the Dashboard.

And a couple of good news watching the Dashboard before ending.

  • SouthAmerican Countries have reacted on time (I hope). Confinement measures have been taken below 1000 cases. In Spain, more than 7K cases were developed before it.
  • Germany keeps deaths ratio below 1%.

#IStayAtHome #Yomequedoencasa

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