Covid-19 Dahboard. New features

New Continent Visualization

During this week I had some problems updating the Covid-19 Dahsboard as referenced tables were disconuated and when I woke up this morning I made some changes and I added some new capabilities as selection by countries.

I would like to say that I have some interesting news to share with you:

  • North hemisphere represents 95% of total cases. Could be that summer and heat is a natural barrier for the virus. Could be that some confinement measures have been taken soon (with just some few cases in every country). Could be a data problem, but I was trying to have positive thinking.
  • Spain and Italy seem to be flattening the curve as new cases are not accelerating. SO, there are new cases, of course, but speed of new cases seems to be lower. Let’s see during the next days.
  • In the other side… US. Bad news as we have a new leader in this «stupid race».More than 100K confirmed cases and 35 is just a couple of days!!!!

Once again, confinement measures are mandatory. If you can, please #StayAtHome #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

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