Hi everybody.

Since I have uploaded my first dashboard about Covid-19 we have covered several different phases. After the confinement, we had a relaxed summer, but in Spain, Covid19 has been growing without stopping since the end of august. Now it seems that the second wave is here but not only in Spain. Belgium, France, east countries in Europe are now suffering and after this new dashboard I think (but this is just an opinion) a second confinement is now nearer.

Here you have a New Dashboard as new KPIs are now relevant. Accumulated Incidence for 7 and 14 days are key now. If the target is 25… we have to do something, as figures near 500 or overpassing 1000 (as the case of Belgium) are really far from our target.

As in the previous dashboard, this job is done in #PowerBI desktop and data is public and coming from John Hopkins University. Any KPIs you would like to be drawn in the Dashboard?

Regards and keep safe.

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