Hello everybody. Some months agos, more or less 20 months, when the COVID started as a Pandemy, I created a dashboard with Power BI about COVID figures in the world. It was easy to discover the official sources of data form John Hopkins Institute and with my knowledge I built a dashboard starting from the scratch.

During the following days it helped me to follow the main figures of the virus in my country, and to understand a bit more about the situation we were living. Even during the second wave it worked without problems and I added some new charts that I also shared here.

Due to job and personal reasons, and probably as the virus started to decline, I didn’t touch those dashboards again… till today. We are in the peak of the 6th wave in Spain. Me and my family are now positive and probably these are some reasons to update the dashboard. So what I did first thing in the morning was un update of the data… No problems to connect to the original source of data, no problems to update the information, no problems to see the new data in the visuals of the dashboard. It has been so easy that I have to say «Thanks» to Power BI and Microsoft for its product.

Once I saw data was Ok, I updated some visuals, added some visual effects, deleted some pages that were probably unnecessary and here you have the new version of the dashboard. Just one more thing, even I added the new navigation by pages in a couple of minutes. One of the new features of the last version of december.

I hope you find it nice and useful. I’ll try to keep it updated these days. Be careful, use the mask, and see you.

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