Thanks Power BI

Hello everybody. Some months agos, more or less 20 months, when the COVID started as a Pandemy, I created a dashboard with Power BI about COVID figures in the world. It was easy to discover the official sources of data form John Hopkins Institute and with my knowledge I built a dashboard starting from the Leer másThanks Power BI[…]

My LinkedIn 2021 target: My plan with MS Power BI

This year is going to be my «LinkedIn year». I have taken this decission during the first day of January and let’s try not to ask why, but I think that I was missusing this social network, I was having something like a feeling about I was losing something. So I should have a plan Leer másMy LinkedIn 2021 target: My plan with MS Power BI[…]

New Dashboard

2nd wave of Covid-19

Hi everybody. Since I have uploaded my first dashboard about Covid-19 we have covered several different phases. After the confinement, we had a relaxed summer, but in Spain, Covid19 has been growing without stopping since the end of august. Now it seems that the second wave is here but not only in Spain. Belgium, France, Leer más2nd wave of Covid-19[…]


Correlations in Covid19 figures

First of all: Happy easter Week!!! New graphs and analysis for the Covid19 dashboard. I have created some scatter charts with some relationships. Some of them are really interesting. But the first issue we can see is that biggest death ratios are for european countries (yellow ones). It could seem that there is some slight Leer másCorrelations in Covid19 figures[…]

Covid19. Flattening the curve

New weekend, the fourth one since the confinement started and new features in my Covid19 Dashboard. I have added a new sheet with some comparissons between countries and some new measures: Growth day day day and comparisson between cases four days before. Growth, the lower the better. And the closer to 1 the 4 days Leer másCovid19. Flattening the curve[…]

Covid-19 Dahboard. New features

During this week I had some problems updating the Covid-19 Dahsboard as referenced tables were disconuated and when I woke up this morning I made some changes and I added some new capabilities as selection by countries. I would like to say that I have some interesting news to share with you: North hemisphere represents Leer másCovid-19 Dahboard. New features[…]

New visualizations in Covid-19 Dashboard.

Today I added some new improvements to the Covid-19 Dashboard. Now you can see: Worlwide situation today, with the data of the John Hopkins Institute. Situation in your country: you can choose your country from the list and compre data against average. Country daily follow up: Your counry day by day. For example, yesterday (20th Leer másNew visualizations in Covid-19 Dashboard.[…]

Un Cuadro de Mando sobre el Covid-19

Ya es una pandemia y por lo menos en España, ya todos nos hemos visto más o menos afectados por el virus o por sus efectos colaterales. Yo ya llevo 4 días trabajando desde casa. Este cuadro de mando sólo quiere mostrar la evolución y el estado del virus en el mundo. No quiere asustar, Leer másUn Cuadro de Mando sobre el Covid-19[…]

La Liga Dashboard. Un trabajo en Power BI.

Llevaba un tiempo deseando crear un cuadro de mando con información pública, una forma de mostrar las capacidades de Microsoft Power BI a la hora de crear Cuadros de Mando que permiten hacer análisis y tomar decisiones. Y este fin de semana he dado con una fuente «simpática» y que puede tener algo de impacto. Leer másLa Liga Dashboard. Un trabajo en Power BI.[…]